Woodsman, woodworker, son of Lotty, husband of Balboa, son-in-law to Rose, Cheyenne, Beryl and Ronnie. Packer grew up in the high mountain country near the Village of Jasper and loves those mountains dearly. His parents chose early on to live in the wilderness, far from the village, loving solitude and Nature more.

Beef stew and dumplings is Packer’s favorite childhood dish, and one his mother leaves for the bride and groom in their new home (Threads, 9/15/2005). He answers bird calls, including the meadowlark’s call, and teaches Balboa to do the same (Waterfall, 9/14/2005). He and Balboa were together five years before they decided to wed and build their home (Journey, 9/9/2005).


  • Long legs; his boots leave deep marks in the moist earth around the lake (Mira, 1/14/2007)
  • “But Packer is not as social as I. He grew up in the forest, where the loudest sounds were the roar of the wind in a storm, or the thunder of a herd of elk across the meadow. He needs a home at the edge of the village, where he can hear the trees breathe.” Balboa speaking of her husband (Arc, 9/19/2005)
  • Broad back; his girth and strength match his name (Waterfall, 9/14/2005)

First post appearance: Journey, 9/9/2005


We make peace in a million small ways every day.
All text and images, unless otherwise noted, © L. Kathryn Grace. All rights reserved.

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