The Beginning

Rainy day flower border on a morning walk

Rainy day flower border on a morning walk

The vision of hope and wholeness that is The Village of Ordinary rose in 2005 from a heartsickness I experienced daily with the world as it was then–a world at war. Today, in December 2016, I feel an even heavier heartsickness, as our country faces a presidency by a man who campaigned on hate, bigotry, violence and a seeming turning back of the clock and all social advances we as a country have made in the last two hundred years. That is now. The beginning was then.

It all began on June 14 that year. Overwhelmed with sadness and fear for the future my grandchildren–and all the world’s grandchildren–would inherit, I sought a vision of a better world, a world of plenty where human beings treat each other with kindness, where children everywhere feel safe and loved, where the air and water are clean, food is delicious and whole, and no human being works in servitude to another.

The Ordinary world would be one in which the work and play of each human being serves that individual, her family, her community and the land that nourishes them all.

Rising Phoenix-like from my despair-filled heart, the story began with Wake, the first journal entry of Rose, the story teller. From there it took flight to show me, and all of us, what we might become, should we set our minds–and our hearts–to the task.

The Village of Ordinary is a story of hope, a story of what can be. Before we learn more about Rose and her village, it may be helpful to understand more fully the world of 2005, a world at war.

We make peace in a million small ways every day.
All text and images, unless otherwise noted, © L. Kathryn Grace. All rights reserved.

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