Murgatroid the Cat

Companion and familiar to Rose, Murgatroid the Cat is a black, long-haired, bushy-tailed Persian-Siamese mix who has has the bluest eyes anyone ever saw. Murg, as she is affectionately referred to, frequently assists Rose in Reiki treatments, follows her about the house and garden, scares away rodents without eating them, and purrs most loudly when Cheyenne plays her cello. She doesn’t like loamy soil, Rose says, because it dirties her paws (Sow, 6/23/2005)

Murgatroid, like all cats, is a natural Reiki healer, as we see in Morn (10/14/2005). Whenever there is a sick child in Ordinary, Murgatroid finds her way to their bed and sleeps with them until they are well.

Description: Black, bushy tail (Sow, 6/23/2005)

First post appearance: Wake, 6/14/2005



We make peace in a million small ways every day.
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