Wife of Jonathon, mother of Jacob, good friend to Rose, Marita died on January 16 (Red, 01/16/2006), some years ago, after a lengthy illness. Marita loved laughter. She and Jonathon were often found together laughing infectiously. Full of life herself, Marita was good with the rambunctious twins, Kami and June and frequently invited them in for cookies and fun when other villagers were fed up with their antics. She taught them to make kites. (Amends, 1/21/2006)


  • Red hair, which she gave to her son Jacob; a hearty woman who laughed from the belly without apology (Red, 1/16/2006)
  • Exuberant, full of joy, traits she shared with the twins, Kami and June (Amends, 1/21/2006)

First post appearance: Jacob, 7/12/2005


We make peace in a million small ways every day.
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