Musician, quilter, basketweaver, partner to Rose, and mother with Rose of Jasmine and Balboa. In Journey (9/9/2005), Rose mentions that she and Cheyenne each bore one of their daughters, but does not name names.

Adept with guitar, keyboard, percussion instruments, Cheyenne is a student of the cello, and teaches music to the villagers. A natural musician, she instigates and is at the forefront of pageants, musicals, and other venues that bring out the performing artist in young, old and between.

Cheyenne’s stage sets are legendary in their cleverness, simplicity, and beauty; the backdrop is her canvas (literally), and she is best known for her mandalas that focus audience attention without detracting from the players.

Like all Villagers, Cheyenne has been brought up to be attuned to the natural healing within us all: “Her hands never fail to be Reiki hot when there is a need” (Balboa, 1/17/2007)

Of the two, Cheyenne is the better athlete, easily beating Rose in any sport requiring speed, skill, aim, and precision (Snow, 12/13/2005).

Born in Ordinary, (Mira, 1/17/2007), Cheyenne has a birthday “coming up” some time after July 5  (Sup, 7/5/2005).


  • Hair soft, like the finest silk (Gifts, 1/1/2005)
  • Hands deft, “weaving pine needles and dried grasses” (Arc, 9/19/2005)

First post appearance: Wake, 6/14/2005


We make peace in a million small ways every day.
All text and images, unless otherwise noted, © L. Kathryn Grace. All rights reserved.

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